We bring passion, energy and intelligence to help people in organisations play at their best

We ask 3 fundamental questions
To what extent….

1. Is your strategic story clear, consistent and compelling?
2. Is your culture well designed, strong and robust enough to successfully execute this strategy?
3. Are your leaders and leadership teams capable of living and leading this desired culture to deliver the strategy?

Leaders across the world, face this reality everyday. The question is how will you react, will you remain composed and in control or will you get swept aside and left behind.

We employ over 20 years of experience as consultants, advisors, managers, board members and leaders to help fast track organisations on their journey to achieve their strategies, visions and goals.

We have a deep knowledge of human behaviour in a organisational context. What we do well is to Shape, Shift and Strengthen organisations, teams and individuals.

Our expertise include:

  • Creating strategic stories that truly engage people
  • Defining, assessing and developing the right organisational culture to achieve the stated strategy and goals
  • Developing leaders so they educate, engage and empower their people
  • Educating leaders on what really happens in transformational change and how they can lead and manage it successfully
  • Knowing deeply what makes individuals and teams tick and building coaching and leadership programs that create lasting change
  • Advising on business structure and organisation design


Why the Future is More Important than the Past in Shaping Culture

A recent article by Prof Martin E. P. Seligman (NY Times, 19 May 2017) reports that the key ability that distinguishes our species from other animals is our ability to contemplate the future. More than language, tools, cooperation or culture, our capacity to envision a future differentiates us from all other species and has enabled […]

Empathy: The Engine for Innovation

Ideo is one of the most innovative and award-winning design firms in the world. Over the last few decades, they’ve designed hundreds of products, like the first computer mouse for Apple in 1980 and the Palm Pilot in 1998. Perhaps surprisingly, one of the secrets to IDEO’s success is empathy. As pioneers of the Human […]

Inches From Greatness!

Written by Clint Bizzell Al Pacino, arguably one of the greatest actors of all-time, has inspired millions of people, businesses and elite sporting teams with his inspirational speech from the film ‘Any Given Sunday’ which left its mark long after the credits rolled in late 1999. Pacino’s speech in the locker room at half time […]


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